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Thanksgiving Party of Year-end 2009
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Thanksgiving Party of Year-end 2009

Lovely Spring is coming to us, everything is fresh and energetic. On Feb.5, our company held 2010 Spring Festival New Year Party, to celebrate joy in Spring Festival and look forward to brighter future of our company.

During the party, our leaders, guests and staff talked with each other happily, we discussed on the just past 2009, looked into now, and looked forward to the future, we were all in pleasant mood.

Besides, there were lots of interesting activities during the party, our leaders and guests expresses blessing and wishes, our staff performed interesting and wonderful dance, singing, opusculum, etc. What’s more the highlight were Award and lucky draw.

Award for the most contribution staff:

Interesting Balloon Game:

Lucky Draw:

Wonderful dance from our Flying Eagle Team:

Interesting Opusculum from our Golden Wolf Team:

This was definite a party full of joy and gratefulness, the best warmest wishes to our whole family members in Mingnan Huitai Company: Wish you a happy, prosperous Year of Tiger.