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Congratulations on Approval of Alibaba’s Profound Qualified Supplier
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Congratulations on Approval of Alibaba’s Profound Qualified Supplier

Since launched the Program of Profound Qualified Supplier, our company is honored as Alibaba’s Profound Qualified Supplier among the first applicants.

On 5th, Feb 2010, Mr Shuibing Chen with the other two verification teachers who represented French Bureau Veritas Company designated by Alibaba visited our factory. They verify the on-site assessment of our production and trade capacities. We did a successful completion that day under our entire staff’s highly and actively cooperation.

Below is photo of verification teachers:

Below: Production Assessment Certificate 1

Below: Production Assessment Certificate 2

Below: Trading Assessment Certificate 1

Below: Trading Assessment Certificate 2

After the on-site assessment working completed, we held a meeting with all departments in time to summarize the assessment work. We proposed that in the coming days we should do better on current base and keep innovation.
This certification will greatly promote the standardization of our management and service standards, from now on, we will provide customers with much more excellent products and services.