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Happy Barbecue Trip
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Happy Barbecue Trip
It was a sunny day on November 26th, we enjoyed a wonderful barbecue trip.
Getting ready at 8:30, we set up to Qiushui Mountain Villa Nanling village Longgang District. The principle of this activity is: safety firstly, happiness secondly.
Arrived at the destination, we started to prepare the food. We divided the work and shared happiness and laughter. Look, she’s washing the food, he’s making fire and they were parting the tableware…everyone worked together, and no one would resist the temptation of delicious food.
Pictures speak louder than words, please see the pictures below:
1. Girls were doing…which comes to the words: Good girls can do a good job in and out of kitchen!
2. Handsome boys and sister Yan were parting the barbecue tools. Look, So happy they were!
3. Barbecue proceed music, Waiting for you by the temptation of delicious food
4. Toast for good life.
5.After working, happy together and everyone showed the beautiful smile on face.
6. Help between you and me—Happy Family Picture
7. After eating, we’r still happy.
Time flies with happiness, a-whole-day barbecue activity came to the end. Every one missed it wishing one more time again. Dear families of Mingnan Huitai not only relaxed, but also enhanced the love of each other. We believe, with an united family, tomorrow of Mingnan Huitai will be better!