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Tour of Sunflower Garden
Time:2010/10/21 15:06   View:Loading...
Tour of Sunflower Garden
On Sep.11, a cool day with drizzle, all members of our company spent a joyful memorable tour in Guangzhou Sunflower Garden.

During the more than 1 hour journey on the bus, it was full of happy talking, everyone performed with his skillful to celebrate a special birthday for our 2 colleagues Ms Pan and Ms Xiao.
Placing ourselves into the Sunflower Garden, the strongest feeling is to close to fresh & beauty of Nature, we are attracted deeply. Some of us embraced flowers happily though there was still raining.

We walked around in the garden, enjoyed various novelty, interesting cartoon statues, butterfly aisle and kinds of beautiful flower gardens.

Besides, each of us took video & photo with the mini cameras produced by our company to memorize all the wonderful view and mood.
We are such a big team filled with energy all the time!