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Outward Training Activity
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Outward Training Activity

From 20th to 21st November, all members of our company took part in Outward Training located at the Rose Seashore of Nao’ao. During the two days, we were involved in every activity physically and mentally and made full use of rare opportunity to show our teamwork, intelligence and wisdom.

Outward Training contributes to personal impact and establishing mutual trust, also helping build high-performance team and solve kind of problems. In the process of facing the challenge and solving problems, we did gain our aim --- steeling will, going beyond ourselves, cultivating our tastes, perfecting personality, training and melting our team.



Our destination---Rose Seashore


We were divided into 2 powerful teams quickly, one was call Team eagle, the other one was Team dragon. Within 10 minutes, we made up our team slogan, team song, team pose.

Team Eagle

  Team Dragon

During the training, we took part in various activities which tested teamwork and personal courage. In each activity, everyone did the best level to finish and enjoy the process, we were being more and more strong and powerful.


This Outward Training helped us strengthen our teamwork and spirit. We had made decision to practice what we had learned and obtained into our further work and life actively.