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JVE-Mini Car Camera
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JVE logo design can be transmitted the moving image to expand exchanges of ideas. All uppercase, font sharp new logo conveys the strength and creative feeling, express the JVE encourage people to use mini camera makes communication more simple expectations, show the JVE "by image the world connected" determination.JVE mini camera production began in 2001, the first such products are CCD camera, miniature camera. In the 21st century, with the Mini Camera such as MP3 Mini Camera, Multi - DV functional Car Key specific Camera and Mini Car Camera for many varieties of market, not only in the consumer's mind left deep impression, but also achieved very successful brand promotion and effect.
After the entry of the new century, in a constantly attack to promote high image quality and miniaturization, while the epoch-making "mini camera" and "CCD camera" also through29 new media technology development arises at the historic moment.
JVE camera products and technology trends are industry pioneer, its mini camera will always ahead of the forefront.
JVE the launch of new Mini Car Camers real 1.3-megapixel, video screen ultra vivid fluent. Streamline modelling, small volume, light weight, simple operation, easy to carry, no installation, casual placement, automatic successive camera. Multi-function, wide application range, extensible use to various fields. The secret sexual high, battery life long, the specific use effect, long time dynamic image recording ability, can fast browsing and editing, interval camera, save power loss, low power consumption ability, built-in powerful image signal processor and CMOS image sensors can achieve high-definition pictures of elastic removed type. The quality of video frame frequency (can be set seconds or minutes), use JPEG low distortion, high compression ratio of the image compression storage technology, can achieve low power consumption and unmanned operation circumstance could long records or monitoring camera, Image files stored in SD card. AVI format images animation files can be easily in multimedia playback software watched, can be in random throw in software on image browsing and pictures, users can capture this software rip function optional preservation JPG format images.