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CMOS Image Sensor-(Bag Camera)
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The face of a large number of camera products, the user of the method used to monitor the camera test?
Camera is to obtain images of the front-end monitor on-site device that area array CCD image sensor with the core components, plus the synchronization signal generation circuit, video signal processing circuit and power supplies.
In recent years, the market appears in a large number of new low-cost mini-camera, motion camera. For example: Cross Camera, Soprts DVR With Cmos Camera Bag Camera and other high-definition camera. Bag Camera easy to carry, can replace an ordinary briefcase, the way to work, put in the hands of the past can also be captured along each of the faces of expression, but also captured the scenery along the way, came home from work after appreciate slowly, rushed to work better when they lost.
Like the new low-cost MOS image sensor with more rapid development, based on the MOS image sensor in the camera has begun to be used in less demanding on the video image quality, telephone or video conference system. The MOS image sensor resolution and low light until the key indicators being less than the CCD image sensor, therefore, still camera monitoring system using CCD camera.
Camera with black and white and color of the points, the black and white camera with high resolution, low light, etc., in particular, it can be light in the infrared image, so in a television monitoring system, so in practical applications, should be based on actual monitoring site environment and user requirements for the camera with the appropriate use of the camera lens is very simple, usually as long as the lens is properly installed, connected the signal cable, power can work. However, in actual use, if not properly installed and adjusted the camera lens and lens status, it may fail to achieve the results. Install the lens, first remove the camera and lens cover, and then gently screwed into the lens of the camera lens mount and make it in place. For the auto iris lens, the lens of the control line should be connected to the camera interface auto iris, lens for variable power of two or three variable lens, rotate the lens in place for the time being does not need calibration of their balance (only in the post need to focus together until after the final correction to adjust the balance.)